Copywriting is a comprehensive concept. We are the right partner for both long and short copy. We vouch for all kinds of communication: press releases, (news) letters, texts for brochures and even thinking up slogans. In addition, we also take care of the translations of these texts.


For online texts, INK again is the partner you’re looking for. The internet is a very powerful medium, requiring a specific approach. Web texts are concise, compact and invite you to click through. Redactiebureau INK masters this discipline and can moreover guarantee the entire design of a website, thanks to its cooperation with specialists. Translating web texts is part of our service as well.

Business Communication

Redactiebureau INK takes care of your business communication too. Together, we guarantee the complete finishing of brochures, websites, press files, e-mail campaigns etc. While INK provides made-to-measure texts, specialized layout people take care of a powerful, graphic framework. Because all partners know each other through and through, the end result will leave a long-lasting impression with your target group.

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