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The specialist magazine Decostyle is aimed at professionals who are active in the world of interior decoration. Appearing quarterly, the magazine focuses on all subjects related to high end design. Decostyle discusses the latest news within this area and gives professionals and market players an insight into what is happening on both the residential and the project market. The high quality segment, with its emphasis on the totality of the concept, is Decostyle’s main area of interest.

A typical edition of Decostyle features…

  • Presentation of an interior designer, based on remarkable achievements
  • Hotel report
  • Project report (restaurant, office,…)
  • Information about new techniques and applications
  • Interviews with representatives of organizations or federations
  • Market information and fair news
  • Product information

Decostyle is distributed among…

  • Interior designers
  • Decorators and decoration stores
  • Shop furnishers
  • Interior textile professionals
  • Hotels (more than ten rooms)
  • Furniture and design furniture traders
  • Flooring professionals
  • Blinds professionals

Op de Werf

For each edition of this magazine, a publication by ‘Bouwunie West-Vlaanderen’ in Belgium, we write most of the articles. Among other things, we take care of project descriptions. To this end we visit interesting construction sites inside and outside the province of West-Flanders and interview architects and contractors. In addition, we also write the round table, a recurring item in the magazine. We bring together ten to twenty experts from the world of construction and let them speak their mind about a specific theme.

Besides these two magazines, we cooperate with about twenty other magazines. They are mainly Belgian publications, but Redactiebureau INK is also an active partner for a number of specialized titles in The Netherlands.

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